In Bracket-Bucks℠ We Trust

    General Account Information

  1. Each bracket contest has a performance award system and contest purse that produces “Bracket-Bucks℠” deposits in participating Bracketeers’ accounts.
  2. Bracket-Bucks℠ are a form of bracket wealth accumulation that occurs only by enrolling and participating in Bracket Contests.
  3. Bracketeers must opt-in to the Bracket-Bucks℠ service in order to view their accumulated bracket wealth and to get on the Bracket Leaderboard.
  4. Bracket-Bucks℠ exist solely for fun and entertainment when participating in bracket contests and are not real currency. There is no cash redemption value associated with “Bracket-Bucks℠” — see terms & conditions for more information.
  5. Bracketeer Bracket-Bucks℠

  6. Each Bracketeer that opts-in to the Bracket-Bucks℠ service of Bracket Contests receives a one-time sign-up bonus deposit of $1,000 Bracket-Bucks℠. It’s your starter loot.
  7. There is a contest entry fee of $500 Bracket-Bucks℠ that is withdrawn from your account each time you enroll in a new bracket contest.
  8. Special Bonus Incentive – “Refer a Friend”

  9. You will receive a $5,000 Bracket-Bucks℠ incentive bonus deposit to your account for each and every new Bracketeer you refer to the system. In order to receive the deposit, your referral must activate a Bracketeer Profile and must enroll in a contest. Your deposit is received once the new Bracketeer enrolls in their first contest.
  10. Earnings & Awards Based on Performance

  11. For every point you earn in a bracket contest round $1,000 Bracket-Bucks℠ are deposited into your account. (see the Rule Book for information on point awards)
  12. For every point you are penalized in a bracket contest round $1,000 Bracket-Bucks℠ are withdrawn from your account. (see the Rule Book for information on point penalties)
  13. The Contest “Purse” – Final Standings Payout Distribution

  14. Each bracket contest carries with it, a Bracket-Bucks℠ “Purse”. The purse is the grand prize payout to the Contest Bracketeers based on their final rank in the standings. The purse varies in size from contest-to-contest and is calculated based on the number of Contest Bracketeers – the more Bracketeers that enroll in a contest, the greater the overall value of the purse.
  15. Contest “Purse” Calculation (declining weighted-scale):
  16. Final Arbitration

  17. Bracket-Bucks℠ are not FDIC insured. For more information on account protection, please contact your local banker.