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Terms Of Use Policy – Effective March 1, 2012

Sporta Me & Co offers this website solely for informational purposes. We do not retrieve data, nor do we store data, on connecting computers and/or portable devices. This site uses javascript to enhance the user experience and to validate information entered on our webform(s). This site makes limited use of session cookies and makes no use of persistent cookies at any time, including third-party cookies.

Privacy Policy – Effective March 1, 2012

Sporta Me & Co is dedicated to protecting your privacy on the Internet. We only collect personal information from our visitors on a voluntary basis and when our visitors specifically provide information in contemplation of corresponding with and/or providing financial support to Sporta Me & Co. We do not sell, rent nor disclose visitors or financial supporter’s personal information to any other companies or organizations except where regulated by federal, state and local authorities.

Bracket Contest Payout Policy – Effective June 27, 2013

Bracket-Bucks℠, in conjunction with the Bracket Contest System(s) running on sportaMe.com, is solely related to participation and performance in sportaMe.com Bracket Contests and are not accumulated nor awarded in any other manner. Sporta Me & Co assumes no financial obligation or responsibility to any sportaMe.com Bracket Participant as a result of a participant’s accumulation of Bracket-Bucks℠. Bracket-Bucks℠ has no redemption cash value and no claim can be made against Sporta Me & Co in an effort to derive any monetary or financial benefit from Sporta Me & Co.

Technology Policy – Effective March 1, 2012

sportaMe.com is designed and developed in compliance with the latest standards in Web Technologies. All web page markup, style sheets, server-side scripting and client-side scripting consistently conform to the highest technical specifications. Therefore, you may experience moderate or significant page rendering anomalies when browsing parts or all of sportaMe.com. Please be sure your favorite web browser is updated to its latest version.

Data And Information Retention Policy – Effective March 1, 2012

Sporta Me & Co requires certain data and information in order to complete and submit a “Contact Us” inquiry and/or a “Bracket Picks”. This data and information is used solely to respond to the user’s comments, questions and requests for additional information, and is retained as long as deemed necessary to close the communication. Once the communication has been satisfactorily completed, the data and information is destroyed in a prudent and timely manner. In cases where the user elects to “opt-in” to the sportaMe.com communication distribution list, the data and information is securely stored and protected, and is retained until such time that the user elects to be removed from the sportaMe.com communication distribution list. At that time, the data and information is destroyed in a prudent and timely manner.

Link Relationship Policy – Effective March 1, 2012

sportaMe.com may contain links to other websites. Sporta Me & Co accepts no responsibility for the privacy practices of those websites. sportaMe.com’s link relationship policy applies solely to information contained on sportaMe.com. Further, Sporta Me & Co accepts no responsibility for the content on any site linked herein.